(Revised - March 2016)


Welcome to the new, revised guidelines to help you use the workshop facilities safely and efficiently.

Please make sure that any society members who are using the workshop are made aware of the existence of these guidelines and know how to access them prior to beginning work.

Each society should have a nominated workshop representative who will be the first point of contact for the workshop team and vice versa.

Please contact a member of the team with any queries or concerns and we will do our best to help you sort your issues as quickly and painlessly as possible (refer to the next page for contact details).

Anyone using the workshop MUST sign in using the sheets pinned to the notice board situated immediately outside the door with the combination lock on the corridor. They must also remember to sign out.


Pete Sandles tel: 07853155920
Paul Myers tel: 07806786942
Dave Peters tel: 07751160125
Steve Fryatt tel: 07815731797
Matt Stirk tel: 07801933348
Judith Huntley tel: 07753517967


• There is a planner in the workshop which we will keep updated with guild shows and events to make it easy for everyone to see at a glance what is happening when.

• Each society will be allocated the 2 weeks prior to their get in for set building. This is for the main auditorium and the studio.

• The workshop can be used during the day and in the evening so long as the theatre is open.

• All health and safety guidelines must be observed at all times;
See appendix 1.

• We would encourage societies to work together and if overlap of time in the workshop is needed, to negotiate via workshop representatives / member of workshop team.

• Please be mindful of the volume of work that takes place in the workshop (guild and none guild) and make sure that you take responsibility for your own tools, paint etc. and leave the workshop tidy and clean at the end of a session (including the sink!).

• Keep your set / scenery pieces as compact as possible and do not obstruct walkways or fire exits.

• We are looking into ways to improve waste disposal but it is still necessary for every user of the workshop to remove their waste and general rubbish.

• There is a skip in the basement of the building for black bin bag waste.

• Following a get out as much set / scenery as possible must be tidied away to the appropriate locations within the workshop that same night. Any remaining pieces; eg. Furniture from guild store, must be removed from the workshop within the following 7 days.

• If you are leaving something for the society following you into the theatre to use please label it clearly and store it considerately.

• Rostra, flats etc. stored in the workshop can be painted as needed so long as it is done with matt paint. Any exceptions to this will be clearly marked.

• There is a store cupboard in the workshop in which you can keep small props during the final run up to a show.

• Furniture and other items from the guild store must not have any irreversible alterations made to them without first checking with the workshop team;
Eg. Please do not cut table legs off or paint furniture.
• When selecting furniture for your next production please do not place stickers on the items where they will deface the piece
• Make sure any stickers are removed when put away please
• If an item belonging to the guild is accidentally damaged or broken please either leave a note or text a new committee member to let us know.

• If the damage is considerable it may be necessary to pass on some/all of the repair cost to the relevant society but this is not a punishment it is simply to keep the workshop functioning as there is no actual income to provide for such repairs.

• Keys for paint lockers, to use during your build time, will be available via a member of the workshop team upon request, at the start of your 2 week workshop slot.

• Keys for grey equipment cupboards will also be available via member of workshop team upon request. This is to enable societies to use tools, screws etc. stored there.

• There are 2 goods lifts at Croydon House for moving items between ground floor and storage area.

• There is a goods entrance; roller shutter by entrance door and vans/cars can be parked close by this outside.

• The roller door is manually operated and must be closed upon leaving.

• At the theatre there is a grey trolley that can be used to move pieces of set between the workshop and the scene dock, loading bay etc. Please remember that you may not be the only society who need to use it so it needs to be returned to the workshop as soon as possible.



• There are hard hats and high vis vests in the workshop for you to use.

• Anyone working in the workshop must wear appropriate footwear ie. Shoes or boots with steel toecaps.

• A suitable face mask must be worn when cutting timber, MDF, ply wood or using paints and glue with a solvent base.

• It is planned that there will be training sessions arranged to update and train people in the correct handling of flatage etc. This is chiefly to help reduce the likelihood of injury to people doing the moving but also to reduce risk of damage to these expensive items.


• Use the online catalogue on this website here to browse the items available. 

• Each group has a key to Croydon House, where the store is kept. Get the key from your society to gain access to the store.

• Please DO NOT paint or permanently modify any items that you borrow from the furniture store

• Each item has a location code on the online record and on the item. Please find your item in that location and return it to the same location once it's been finished with.

• Fill in the book in the store to record the items you've borrowed and record when they've been returned.